Retail Marketing

The TBS team constantly monitor the pulse of retails trends in Ireland and have a heightened awareness of what works best for all their products in each area.

As the entire cycle of goods is digitally managed and integrated, and TBS have reps on the ground consistently visiting stores for a real-time accurate overview of product performance.

Marketing your products is an ongoing proactive activity, with accurate data captured daily to measure and track results. The goal is to grow your market share; build brand loyalty and increase sales.


Large retailers and chains provide trade calendars each year with primary promotional opportunities available to all suppliers. TBS liaise with suppliers to determine cost-effective promotion strategies to add value and maximise return.

Brands benefit from a combination of innovative promotions from in-store activity on promotional RRP, specials and BOGOF/multibuy offers. We’ll work with you to ensure your brand is positioned optimally to win and maintain customers, closely monitoring and evaluating the results and return.


Different retailers provide opportunities for a various point-of sale displays to capture customer attention throughout the retail year. These POS opportunities vary in price to the supplier dependent on size, position on floor and complexity. TBS work with suppliers to review these POS opportunities; make cost-effective choices for their brand and analyse results.

Sales Analysis

EPOS systems and data analysis allow performance tracking on every product to track purchasing patterns and response to pricing and planogram shifts.

Market Research and Intelligence

Monitoring in a competitive marketplace, using a combination of both qualitative and quantities research tools, means you’re always aware of customer needs and purchasing trends.

We research new products, promotion initiatives, packaging, branding and in-store position to find the optimal combination. We’ll know how your product stacks up against a competitor, and how to maximise your sales to increase market share and brand loyalty.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

TBS have a digital marketing team that drive brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales from the web. Find out what we can do for you!