MACE Ireland – Still Going The Extra Smile

MACE Ireland - Part of the BWG Group

MACE Ireland – Still Going The Extra Smile

MACE is part of the BWG Group.

With a presence in local communities for over 50 years, many MACE stores are owned by successive generations of the same family and pride themselves on understanding the changing needs of their local customers.

Convenience Retail
– Over 230 locally owned MACE stores in Ireland

MACE retailers are well serviced by BWG Foods’ National Distribution Centre in Kilcarbery, Co. Dublin, as well as having the ability to showcase goods from various producers local to each store for an attractive and constantly evolving range to pique consumer interest.

With a recent revitalisation of their fresh food offerings, as well as a choice of preferred coffee suppliers, MACE continues to develop appealing choices for shoppers. A wider mix of healthier foods under the auspices of MACE Right Options is proving popular, and a new deli concept is being unveiled as part of further investment by BWG Foods.

Channelling useful feedback from retailers throughout the country is a key part of growth for MACE, with a number of initiatives in place between stores and the symbol group.

A representative body of nominated retailers make up the MACE Retail Council, which plays a leading role in brand development and reflects various retail formats within the network. Regular meetings between the Council and senior management sees discussion of marketing plans, myriad retail issues and new market demands, which allows MACE retailers a strong role in the evolution of group policy nationally.

In addition to the Council, a promotional committee comprised of store operators and MACE team members meets every three weeks to focus on promotional activities for the brand. Rolling research allows continual evaluation of ideas and results, giving retailers opportunity to note what works or requires tweaking for optimal performance in their area.

Greater investment in the digital space is part of the ongoing MACE strategy, for interaction with shoppers as well as communication within the group.

Internally, MACE is set to benefit from the Shoplink system, designed to consolidate purchase histories and orders with the BWG warehouses so each store can have range availability facilitated in a timely way.

The MACE proposition of “Going the Extra Smile” lends itself well to the digital space, and various social media platforms are used in an engaging, compelling way to communicate with shoppers.

Increased consumer confidence is evident in urban areas, so MACE are determined to maximise opportunities across stores in rural locations too, marrying choice and variation with value to appeal to a broad array of shoppers.

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