Londis Ireland – Connecting with Local Customers

Londis Ireland Local Like You

Londis Ireland – Connecting with Local Customers

Londis has enjoyed a lengthy tradition in Ireland as one of our longest-established convenience brands, with a successful and synergistic partnership of suppliers, retailers, and customers.

BWG Group and ADM Londis

Since it became part of the BWG group in 2015, Londis retailers now benefit from access to the huge distribution centre in Kilcarbery, Dublin for all their ambient and chill products. Servicing all the stores nationally with a smart wholesale policy means Londis stores can get what they need – and what shoppers want – 365 days a year.

Having established its National Council of Retailers as an advisory board of nominated retailers to represent all areas and store formats, Londis develop key policies and brand strategies in regular meetings with owners, operators and BWG management with all retailers within the group provide valuable feedback to their local National Council member.

Exploration of online retail opportunities is ongoing, with the launch of a deli app – the Londis Snack Track App – being trialled to allow customers to pre-order from the deli to avoid queues during busy periods. Saving valuable time as well as money is a big win with busy consumers.

BWG Foods Launch Shoplink

Innovation and technology are being embraced as the way forward. As BWG Foods recently launched Shoplink for the stores under their auspices, Londis will be one of the symbol groups who can place orders 24/7; reviewing the full range of BWG products and deals, as well as selecting the best promotions for their locale.

The B2B platform allows complete integration between BWG warehouses and in-store EPOS systems for live sales updates and complete order histories.

Engaging consumers still gun shy from the recession is more complex than merely offering great value; trust and top of the mind awareness are key issues for Londis.

2017 saw numerous sponsorships by the group including adventure series ‘Hell and Back’, and RTÉ’s ‘Londis Tastes like Home’ with Catherine Fulvio, to connect with customers and boost consumer confidence in the brand.

The pro-active approach continues be effective in forging strong relationships in communities where customers find what they need at their local Londis.

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