FMCG Digital in Ireland

FMCG Digital in Ireland

FMCG Digital in Ireland

“Embracing big data analytics, digitization and delivering engaging customer experiences is essential in our exciting FMCG space in Ireland.”
Glenn Troy – MD of Total Brand Solutions

Total Brand Solutions – TBS was set up in 2013 to provide relationship based dynamic sales and marketing services to food brands within the FMCG sector. TBS provides full distribution capabilities through their partnership with Allegro Ltd who provide the finance, logistics and direct selling functions.

TBS has the purchasing power, storage capability and established distribution channels to take your product to market successfully in Ireland. We have many years of established trust and rapport incorporating some of Ireland’s largest multiples and stores within our network, and effectively work on behalf of manufacturers and suppliers to represent them in a collaborative relationship.

We ensure your product is front and center to create interest and answer market demand. We provide assistance with transportation, packaging, warehousing, delivery and marketing.

We enhance your exposure in a competitive market, working with retailers to give your goods the edge and attract consumer attention.

TBS disperse your product through our extensive network, and can assist with the branding and digital marketing required to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Digital Marketing in FMCG

Key findings in recent big data research about the role of digital marketing in FMCG (survey response October 2017 from IRI big data and technology firm interviewing shoppers in 7 European countries) indicate that:

  • 1 in every 3 shoppers will seek information online before shopping
  • Shoppers pro-actively seek in-store savings and promotions, particularly on smartphones and mobile devices
  • Approximately 80% of consumers will prepare a shopping list to be more cost effective in their weekly shop; at least 1 in 10 people will do this on their phone

53% of European ‘infoseeking’ shoppers claim they save money by researching in-store discounts, with many searching for stores that have the best deals that day or week. Many are also looking for specific product ingredients; directions on usage or responding to reviews.

We know in today’s market, shoppers plan their spend more carefully, and the demand for healthier or speciality products is on the rise, with food provenance and sustainability a key issue.

TBS maximise your brand presence

TBS assist brands in establishing an online presence – ideal for those who want to enter the Irish marketplace, outlining features and benefits, as well as linking to offers.

FMCG manufacturers and suppliers have an opportunity to further augment their advertising and capitalise on interest while shoppers are preparing a list, as well as drawing their attention in-store.

Some consumers are more comfortable making decisions in the store, preferring to touch and feel the product; others are happy to purchase online, particularly when they have tried the product before; know it works for them and are seeking the best value from competing stores.

TBS offer support to FMCG suppliers and retailers, improving the physical in-store experience with eye-catching merchandising; promotions; displays and tastings.

We review the retail calendar with our multiples and can present suppliers with opportunities to launch new products; structure offers or orchestrate compelling marketing around their brand.

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