Direct Store Delivery (DSD) in Ireland

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) in Ireland

Would Direct Store Delivery suit you?

In addition to large warehousing capacity, TBS also offers Direct Store Delivery, or DSD.

This type of distribution strategy offers a cost-effective alternative to centralised distribution by allowing distributors to bring product direct to the store.

Greater Retailer Control

With so many product choices in the busy Irish retail sector, DSD allows managers to manage store-specific offerings. Using the DSD model on appropriate products can power sales and make a better shopping experience for the consumer.

DSD gives individual store managers greater opportunity to tighten up their bottom line; better control over the inventory in their shop and timely response to sales. It’s ideal for temperature-controlled products, perishable items or those in high demand.

Our full-service retail distribution gives the option of DSD for better control over shelf-space to improve sales and profit margins.

The dynamic TBS team have vans on the road to respond to demand; the flexibility to engage retailers (and their customers) with interesting new product, and the ability to adjust delivery to suit the changing demands in each market.

DSD is particularly effective for products that require a specific ambient temperature; have a short shelf-life or are a convenience product. It minimises supply chain time when freshness is a priority.

Advantages of DSD for Retailers

Flexibility to get product outside fixed delivery schedule

The replenishment cycle is faster with DSD; as TBS maintain ownership of the inventory until it hits the store the retailer doesn’t have to commit as much budget to the inventory and enjoy a swifter sales cycle.

Relationship Building

Opportunity to forge relationship with distributor and always be aware of new products; market and trends. The retail/distributor relationship is symbiotic so everyone is vested in success.


DSD means merchandising is handled by us, saving the retailer on time and labour cost. It gives them the ability to organise inventory levels; very handy for those with minimal on-site storage space, and to be able to restock frequently without leaving a ‘hole’ or missing sales

The TBS team is innovative and specialise in new ways to create brand awareness. Our DSD service is nimble and gives retailers leeway to try new ideas and capitalise on successful brands.

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