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Grocery Spending in Irish Market

Consumer Spending on the Rise

Consumer spending on the Rise The latest Supermarket figures released from Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland indicate that Irish shoppers spent 3.8% more on groceries over the past 12 weeks than they did during the same period the previous year. Christmas accounts for some of that increase in spending, but consumer confidence in general is rising as people parted with an additional €92 million on groceries over the monitored period; the 12 weeks ending on January 1st 2017. In fact the average household [...]

Breaking into the Irish Market

Looking to Break into the Irish Market?

Breaking In: What influences Sales? For companies looking to break into the Irish market, a good distributor is well-versed in the statistical characteristics of the local, regional and national population. Market intelligence and knowledge of developing trends, as well as existing consumer preferences, are the hallmark of an experienced and well-networked retail distribution company. A handle on demographics Demographics should never be underestimated, as they are a major influence on how well your brand can perform in each area. For example, if you wish [...]

Getting Your Products On Irish Shelves

Get your product into Irish stores

Get your product into Irish stores: what you need to know Like many businesses, success within the Irish retail sector depends largely on not just what you know but how well you know your customers. Companies who wish to sell from Irish shelves can make intelligent savings and drive volume by using a savvy distributor. Experienced retail distribution companies know the market; are abreast of spending habits and have established relationships with stores at all levels that can be of enormous benefit [...]

Product Marketing Ireland

5 Key Considerations for Successful Product Marketing

5 Key Considerations for Successful Product Marketing 1. Product Quality Label-checking is now the norm as informed consumers want to know what they are getting. People are increasingly aware of the health implications of what they consume, and brands that don’t meet standards of a fussier market will simply be left behind. Every ingredient, particularly for speciality products purporting to be beneficial to well-being, must be traceable and have a proven provenance. Potential allergens must be identified and specific terminology used (as [...]

Distribution Ireland

What Distributors need to know about your Products

What Distributors need to know about your Products The task of a distributor is to represent brands and take them to market in the most effective way. Suppliers should realise that a distributor will evaluate your product in a different way than your end user does. It may be an incredibly fantastic and exciting product, but the numbers must be right. The distributor has to make a profit, and the retailer has to make a profit. If you get your numbers right, [...]

Irish Grocery Market

Getting your Product to Market in Ireland

Getting your Product to Market in Ireland The Irish grocery retail market has a value of over €9 billion and is made up of a mixture of channels. As well as the ‘direct to consumer’ channels like farmers’ markets or online selling, the major opportunities for sales growth are found in the major multiple supermarket groups and convenience retailers. Depending on the nature of your product, you may be suitable for sales within some specialist independent stores, or perhaps discounters. Advantage of [...]

Retail Distribution Ireland

5 Reasons Brands Need Experienced Distributors

Many enterprising Irish brands wonder how they can get from local acclaim at farmers’ markets or specialty shops to national distribution in multiple stores. The thought can seem overwhelming; like trying to eat an elephant. Many layers of elements between manufacture and in-store presence There’s so much to consider, not least of which is gaining access to shops with outlets throughout the country- or ‘multiples’. Unsurprisingly, regardless of how great your product is and how much charisma you may radiate, you won’t [...]

Retail Distribution in Ireland

Building and Executing your Retail Strategy in Ireland

Building and Executing your Retail Strategy in Ireland TBS partner with manufacturers whose products require innovative thinking, and with retailers who want to make informed decisions on stocking, displaying, pricing and driving sales of specialty products. Working with TBS results in a win-win situation for manufacturer and retailer, with adept strategizing and a tailored approach for every territory and audience. Dynamic and driven, the charismatic TBS team have the advantage of the vast network and support systems provided by the Allegro Group, [...]


Direct Store Delivery (DSD) in Ireland

Would Direct Store Delivery suit you? In addition to large warehousing capacity, TBS also offers Direct Store Delivery, or DSD. This type of distribution strategy offers a cost-effective alternative to centralised distribution by allowing distributors to bring product direct to the store. Greater Retailer Control With so many product choices in the busy Irish retail sector, DSD allows managers to manage store-specific offerings. Using the DSD model on appropriate products can power sales and make a better shopping experience for the consumer. DSD gives [...]

In-Store Marketing Ireland

Getting Shelf Space in Ireland

Getting Shelf Space in Ireland It’s a challenge. There’s a colossal amount of research involved in getting a good overview of the market, particularly for niche products, to find out how to win shelf space for your brand. Some information may have been documented and available for general viewing, but newer or niche/specialty products may not have been through enough sales cycles to generate any kind of publically available report yet. If you’re trying to research the market on your own, [...]