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Grocery Spending in Irish Market

Consumer Spending on the Rise

Consumer spending on the Rise The latest Supermarket figures released from Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland indicate that Irish shoppers spent 3.8% more on groceries over the past 12 weeks than they did during the same period the previous year. Christmas accounts for some of that increase in spending, but consumer confidence in general is rising as people parted with an additional €92 million on groceries over the monitored period; the 12 weeks ending on January 1st 2017. In fact the average household [...]

Irish Grocery Market

Getting your Product to Market in Ireland

Getting your Product to Market in Ireland The Irish grocery retail market has a value of over €9 billion and is made up of a mixture of channels. As well as the ‘direct to consumer’ channels like farmers’ markets or online selling, the major opportunities for sales growth are found in the major multiple supermarket groups and convenience retailers. Depending on the nature of your product, you may be suitable for sales within some specialist independent stores, or perhaps discounters. Advantage of [...]

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Building a Strong Customer Base in Ireland

Building a Strong Customer Base in Ireland Understanding of the Irish retail landscape is key to determining where you want your product to be in order to attract customers; drive sales; increase brand awareness and build brand loyalty. In order to first win and then grow business within the Irish retail sector, you’ll need to know who the players are. Concentration of Largest Irish Retailers The large stores with a number of locations are multiples (for example; Dunnes Stores; Musgraves Supervalu/Centra; Tesco Ireland). You [...]


Direct Store Delivery (DSD) in Ireland

Would Direct Store Delivery suit you? In addition to large warehousing capacity, TBS also offers Direct Store Delivery, or DSD. This type of distribution strategy offers a cost-effective alternative to centralised distribution by allowing distributors to bring product direct to the store. Greater Retailer Control With so many product choices in the busy Irish retail sector, DSD allows managers to manage store-specific offerings. Using the DSD model on appropriate products can power sales and make a better shopping experience for the consumer. DSD gives [...]

In-Store Marketing Ireland

Getting Shelf Space in Ireland

Getting Shelf Space in Ireland It’s a challenge. There’s a colossal amount of research involved in getting a good overview of the market, particularly for niche products, to find out how to win shelf space for your brand. Some information may have been documented and available for general viewing, but newer or niche/specialty products may not have been through enough sales cycles to generate any kind of publically available report yet. If you’re trying to research the market on your own, [...]