5 Reasons Brands Need Experienced Distributors

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5 Reasons Brands Need Experienced Distributors

Many enterprising Irish brands wonder how they can get from local acclaim at farmers’ markets or specialty shops to national distribution in multiple stores. The thought can seem overwhelming; like trying to eat an elephant.

Many layers of elements between manufacture and in-store presence

There’s so much to consider, not least of which is gaining access to shops with outlets throughout the country- or ‘multiples’.

Unsurprisingly, regardless of how great your product is and how much charisma you may radiate, you won’t get access to these multiples; you need a distributor to help.

Many retailers will only consider products presented through a distributor

The protocol multiples operate, quite sensibly, is to do business with a trusted distributor, one who is familiar with the store parameters and market, who in turn do business with you. This why the distributor you choose is so important.

Benefits of Total Brand Solutions as distributor for niche and specialty brands

Niche and speciality products need the additional momentum of a committed distributor, and this is where TBS excel.

From logistics and warehousing, to stock preparation and forecasting; to brand promotion and placement, the work Total Brands Solutions performs on your behalf takes the administrative headache off your shoulders.

TBS already have an excellent relationship forged over the years of dealing with retailers. They understand the agenda and needs of multiples, and are the ideal conduit to connect you to the market to build loyalty and sales for your brand.

You’re competing in-store with bigger brands with the capacity for multimillion euro marketing; regular incentives to consumers and are volume sellers. Smaller brands can benefit from the excellent network the TBS provide, as well as all the elements of an established supply chain.

1. Dynamic Team

Dynamic, nimble-footed TBS team: TBS are swift and have the freedom to be far more reactive and immediate than larger, more cumbersome distributors. They have the mighty weight of Allegro and its vast logistical, administrative and warehousing capabilities behind them, so are free to focus on getting your brand to where it needs to be.

2. Large Network

Massive network and relationships with all retailers in Ireland: TBS are already well-established with all stores and decision makers in the retail sector. They will help you plan objectives, define production goals and determine all the elements required to succeed. They provide market insight and intelligence to target the right retailers for you.

3. Sales Figures

Immediate access to real-time sales figures: TBS will work with you to establish metrics that can be easily tracked on a daily basis; along with fixed delivery schedules, EDI ordering and timely action to increase sales.

4. Credit Risk Service

TBS provide a credit risk service as inventory is purchased from the supplier and there is no ‘sale or return’ – the supplier doesn’t have to worry about taking product back.

5. Sales and Marketing

TBS can help ensure your brand is optimised on the shelf in-store, working with the multiples’ planogram and trade calendar. They will update you with in-store promotion and placement opportunities; offers and incentives to see if these opportunities are appropriate and cost-effective for your brand.

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